The Youngest Youtube Music Critic

Ruairi is only eleven years of age, and he is a YouTube music critic. His reviews of the popular rap albums of today are profoundly earnest, and you might consider them one of the most amazing things you can find online. If you aren’t one of Ruari’s hundred thousand subscribers, then you may have at least seen or heard about him online at least once or twice in recent months. Ruairi has had his expressions and faces immortalized in GIFs, and video clips of him have become viral sensations many times. He has also had a video of his gain millions of views thanks to a tweet by Lil Yachty, who is a famous rapper.

What Are Ruairi’ss Videos Like?

In the YouTube videos of Ruairi, he sits in front of his camera and talks about the hottest and most popular hip-hop music and artists. Most of the videos he creates are called reaction videos, which are what he is most known for doing. Reaction videos are a popular trend on YouTube where the YouTuber records themselves watching something, most often videos, and their reactions to it. In his reaction videos, he sits next to his dad while he listens to the most recent hits by famous artists. Examples of famous artists are Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, Brock Hampton, or Lil Pump. Ruairi asks his father about his thoughts on the music, explains the meanings behind the song’s lyrics, jokes around, and goes on tangents that will leave you laughing out loud.

Who Exactly Is Ruairi?

Even with the attention that Ruairi is getting all over the internet, he has remained entirely unidentifiable. His channel isn’t like a majority of YouTubers since he doesn’t have a logo and the cover art for his channel is obscure. He has no contact information anywhere online, and you won’t be able to find out where he’s located or what his real name is. There are many comments on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram that are talking about the identity of Ruairi and how he could create a channel that is charming and hilarious. With how the internet is nowadays, the videos of Ruairi are a light in the dark.

Why Is Ruairi Popular?

A part of the appeal of Ruairi is how the format of reaction videos are simple as well as witnessing his father’s struggle with modern rap music. Ruairi and his father have excellent chemistry and watching them together will entertain you for sure. Ruairi is a comedian at heart, as he’s full of excitement, he’s very eccentric, and he knows all about the culture of the internet and memes. He loves to listen to music all the time, which gives him an in-depth knowledge of all the different rappers, shoes, streetwear, and especially rap music. The first thing that most viewers of his videos notice is his outfits’ uniqueness.

Why Did Ruairi Start A YouTube Channel?

When Ruairi first started up his YouTube channel, he did so with the dream of wanting to attain success as a YouTuber. He used to watch famous YouTubers like PewDiePie and think to himself that he wanted to be like them when he grew up. He was only showing off his YouTube channel to his friends at first. He had a measly 100 subscribers at the beginning, but in due time, his subscriber count grew significantly. He has become popular around his school since his YouTube channel has become huge, and he talks about his videos with his schoolmates regularly.