The worlds of pop music have seen thousands of collaborations through the past 25 years. Stars feature each other for a collection of reasons: new upcoming artists can add not only a new sound but new promotion to the song and artist, gives it a different feel or even help the song get to a particular audience. Which artists own the “feat”? Join us as we bring you a list of the most featured artists.


Approx. total: 197

T-pains is famous for the Auto-tune, he converted this mechanism that was previously used to help artists fine tune their vocals, he uses it to develop and new and creative sound. This sound appealed to a whole lot of fans and Pain has been in demand collaborations. His notable feats where with Flo Rida, Jamie Foxx and the Lonely Island.



Approx. total: 200

E-40 is one rapper with street credibility and has been in the business of helping underground artists find their feet. Apart from dropping successful albums, he is a businessman and owns a music label and even has a beer company. Amidst his stable business life, he has continuously appeared on other people’s song, some of his best features are with Lil Jon and Big Sean.

Kendrick Lamar

Approx total: 206

Lamar is one of the most successful MC to have graced the music industry; the rapper has built an impressive track record for himself and has appeared continuously on other people’s song too. Some of his best feats are with ASAP Rocky, Birdman, and Taylor Swift.


Approx total: 229

Legendary “Hova” is another successful rapper with not just a long list of personal albums, but also thriving features with other stars. Some of his best collaborations are with Rihanna on Umbrella, Justin Timberlake on a suit and tie and with his wife Beyonce on Drunk In Love.

Bun B

Bun B

Approx total: 280

He may not be popular around the world; Bun B is a well-respected rapper in the American rap scene with an impressive collection of hit songs. During his prime, his services were by both up and rising rappers. He has appeared on songs by Drake, The Game, Big Sean, Linkin Park, Usher and lots of other less favorite rappers

Lil Wayne

Approx. total: 430

Wayne has been in the game since 1999 and has racked up an impressive collection of collaborations. He has appeared on 430 songs by other artists despite having an exciting career of his own. He has appeared on songs with by Kanye, Birdman, Drake, Nicki Minaj and a whole lot of other artists and even rock bands.

Snoop Dogg

Approx total: 583

Snoop had enjoyed a long-lasting music career which started off in 1992 when he appeared on Dr.Dre song “Deep Cover,” since then he has appeared in 583 songs which weren’t his making. He is featured by fellow rappers like 2Pac, Drake, Ice Cube, Wiz Khalifa and a host of other less favorite rappers. He has also appeared in songs by Anna Kendrick, Katy Perry, Eddie Murphy and lots of other crazy collaborations.