The Biggest Mistakes of Music Critics

Mostly, music critics are unpopular. If they praise your favorite band, then that goes without saying. However, if they criticize a record, the massive headwinds can be expected. But even the experts can be wrong when it comes to the career of possible future stars of the show business. The American music magazine Rolling Stone is considered by fans to be the Bible of pop and rock music. Countless careers started here and crashed in a moment. Over the years, Rolling Stone critics have proven again and again that they are not immune to misjudgments. Many careers stopped before they started; some musicians already celebrated as the next superstar, which should never come true. We have put together a few examples.

Adele Won’t Make The Breakthrough

The best example was the British megastar Adele. When her first album was released, the Rolling Stone was sure that although she could sing beautifully, she would not become a star. Adele’s career more than impressively refuted this assessment. At a time when there are less and less physical sales of recordings, Adele sold around 65 million of her three previous records. They partially dominated the charts for several years. When she released a new album, the former works shot straight back into the charts. The tendency didn’t change when Adele interpreted the song for the James Bond film Skyfall. On the contrary, her contribution accompanied the most successful James Bond movie ever. A new album of Adele is due to be released in September. While the record stores are already warming up, the skeptics among the music critics will have to ask again how they could not recognize such a bright talent.

The Rolling Stones Quit Their Career

The Rolling Stones have been active in the rock scene for decades. No wonder that the end of their career has been written down over and over again for many years. This trick had a positive impact on  the recording of new songs and led to the new worldwide tours of the rock dinosaurs. Over the decades, these became bigger and more spectacular, and an end always seemed insight. The band itself has repeatedly stressed that the following tour might be their last but all of these speculations have been vanished into thin air so far.

In early 1980s, many journalists and critics assumed that the band would soon be over. Mick Jagger was 40 years old at the time and conquered the world’s football stadiums with the Rolling Stones. But more than 35 years later, the band is still on tours. Recently Mick Jagger and Co have even launched a new song, and there are some plans to release also an album.

The world career is not always guaranteed, even if rock journalists are initially enthusiastic. Bands like Haim, Belle & Sebastian, the Long Blondes and the Orsons had to take note of that. The audience still decides for themselves, and that’s a good thing.