In this present age that the advancement in technology has made almost everything available online and all on our various mobile devices, most people has tended to forget that no matter what, there is still absolutely nothing compared to getting hold on something very physical like reading of books in the hardcopy form. Talk of reading and information, there is still nothing like the experience of reading a physical book of maybe a magazine. People tend to have ruled out these possibilities, owing to the fact that we have almost all believed that the printing publications have gone obsolete or outdated. But in this peace, I will be educating us all on the fact that there are still some interesting and current publications that contains the best educative information that some of all these online stuffs may never be able to offer you. There are various magazines from which lots of valuable information which are very useful for the development of the world and society can be accessed and harnessed for greater use. Some of these magazines are:

Popeye: this is a magazine of which till date, the author remains unknown. It is a Japanese publication, very popular in the northern side of America. It talks a lot on fashion, and it has a lot of in-depth editorials. This magazine focuses a lot on fashion in the whole of the world and it gives the readers ideas on the best and latest trends in the world of fashion in an amazing way.

Yippee Ki-Yay!: this is another wonderful magazine, also with an anonymous author. A very new magazine that majors on the entertainment aspect. If you are a film fanatic, then this is your best magazine. It does not only talk on films, it also focuses on industries, which makes it an exceptionally great magazine to lay hold on.

Yippee Ki-Yay! Magazine

Inventory: this is a magazine that was established with the intent of expressing a unique set of culture and social interest as far back as 2009. It is a magazine with a solid focus on craftsmanship and design, and it promotes a lot of amazing artists.

The Gentlewoman: majorly for women, an independent magazine that majorly promotes the fashion styles of women. It is aimed at promoting and presenting a more typical fashion than we are all used to, it is also focused to capture how women looks with a sense of elegance! In this magazine, you will see how women dress, how they think, the way they portray themselves, etc., all without the glitz and glam of the life of a celebrity.

Beautiful Decay: started by Amir Fallah, a young rebelling boy in that grew up in Northern Virginia, who wanted to document his rebellion act in 1996, beautiful decay was in collaboration with some unknown artists who took risks and still held on to the same mantra, which is to promote creativity. Beautiful decay since then had turn to something more than just a magazine and had become a creative platform for all.