Are you a lover of music and entertainment and you really want to get hold on all the available information about music? Then this piece is for you. In this article, I will be giving out a very long list of carefully selected online best magazines you should look out for. In my list, you will find the best magazine that does not only give you an insight into the musical industries but also gives you an in-depth explanation to the events happening in the musical industries alongside other sources of entertainment. All at your fingertips. All you need to do id to do a search for these online magazines and you will be glad to get the best information and the best entertainment you desire.

  1. Blender magazine

    Alternative Press: this is a one of the best magazine where you will get information on music, videos, books, movies, fanzine reviews, upcoming release listing musical chats, interviews and so much more.

  2. Appalachian Jamwich: another fantastic online magazine that provides you with art, culture and “fans of the jamband” a scene in Ohio, United State, with its major focus on Music.
  3. Amazing Sound: as the name sounds and implies, this online magazine is definitely amazing. It is focus mainly on new age, avant-garde and alternative music
  4. Babble and Beat: this is one of my most loved online magazine, it is a free music magazine on band interviews, musical reviews and news, contest and lots more
  5. Banter Zine: another online magazine that includes alternative music, reviews, upcoming artists, new videos, musical videos and interviews, etc.
  6. Blender: this is a very popular online magazine that is best known to capture and feature lots of musical events. Ranging from dance and hip-hop, rock, alternative, R&B, coupled with images and pictures for female celebrities.
  7. Chart Attack: this online magazine is from Canada, it covers all about rock, pop, and alternative music in Canada and Europe.
  8. Glide: now, here is one of the major best again. An online magazine where you will get the best focus on the current most innovative artists and also a glimpse into the world of some independent film makers and some proficient authors.
  9. Music Arts Monthly: an online magazine that has its publication centre based in San Diego, California. This magazine has a local calendar section that is being viewed internationally for its review of various artists around the world.
  10. Musos Magazine: this magazine has a large coverage range of genres, such as folk, rhythm, and blues, jazz, celtic, rock and reggae, even bluegrass. It focuses mainly on the musicians, with less concern about the industry.
  11. Paste Magazine: this online magazine covers diverse genres, with its major focus on alternative, Americana and indie rock.
  12. Q Magazine: the first time I came across this magazine online, I was amazed. It’s an online music and entertainment magazine being published in the United Kingdom. Its unique property is an extensive review section that features new releases, films, concerts, etc. it also reviews the radio and television industries!