Music Critics Under Attack

The relationship between musicians and their critics is anything but frictionless. The best example of this is the American music critic Nelson George. He was considered a great admirer of Prince’s music. But when he began to criticize its newer music in the mid-1980s, the musician struck back unexpectedly. After the great success of Sign o’The Times, Prince decided to publish a successor called The Funk Bible. The record was supposed to recapture the lost Black Community.

Nelson George In The Sights Of Prince

But the musician withdrew the dark and angry work a few days before it was released. The central focus of the previously renamed album was a song called Bob George. He was the focus of the legendary Black album, which was to come on the market years later. Bob George turned out to be a ruthless reckoning with music critic Nelson, who had deeply disappointed Prince. The bulky song fired threats against a fictional bob every second and took him under fire. The target of this outbreak were two people.

A Birthday Breakout

On the one hand, it was the star’s former manager, Bob Cavallo and the music critic Nelson George. Although he did not publish the song initially, it was then a central part of the following live tour. Oddly enough, Prince recorded the song during his girlfriend’s birthday at the time, Sheila E. There the tirade looked just as out of place as on the following tour. But anyone who knows the musician knows that he placed his songs with great precision. Nelson George’s unexpected criticism had hit him to the core. Therefore it seemed important to him to shout his anger out into the world.

A Nerd Conquers YouTube

The Nelson George of our time is undoubtedly Anthony Fantano. But in contrast to his colleague from the 1980s, the music critic does not write in one medium but dissects new music on his music channel. The American irritates not only with his reviews but also with his demeanour and outfit. That consists of countless checked shirts and horn-rimmed glasses. In the beginning, he gives himself some gibberish pseudonyms and speaks to an alter ego. But the wild mix is ​​well received.

A Nerd Conquers YouTube
A Nerd Conquers YouTube

The self-proclaimed music nerd has become the most successful video blogger on the net. His YouTube channel is called The Needle Drop. It was founded in 2009 and currently has more than 2.3 million subscribers. Anthony Fantano is the music critic of the 21st century because his voice has weight. That is not by accident. The man listens carefully and is interested in the music in detail. He dissects the songs. His taste has rough edges, as does his ironic comment. Indeed, not everyone likes that. But the spectrum that he covers in his reviews is enormous. It ranges from electronic music to the underground to rap and metal. But on The Needle Drop, entertainment is also in the foreground. Fantano prepares the criticism in such a way that it is reminiscent of a TV series format.