Magazines are still very popular even with the ubiquitous use of internet and social media by people all over the globe. A magazine is a collection of articles written about different life aspects. A lot of genres are available in the magazine industry such as entertainment, music, lifestyle, health, sports, arts, and so on.The origin of the magazine as a term can be traced to the Arabic word, makhazin, whose meaning is a storehouse. The importance of magazines is that they offer readers novel as well as improved tips on how to lead a better and more informed life. Below is a list of the most popular magazines of all time:

AARP the Magazine

The full meaning of AARP is the American Association of Retired People. AARP Magazine is issued once in two months to all members of the organization. The former name of this lifestyle magazine was Modern Maturity; this was changed to its present name in 2002. With more than twenty-three million copies put into circulation in just 2015, AARP the Magazine is the most circulated magazine in the whole of USA. It discusses topics on health and age-related issues.

The Watchtower

This magazine, which focuses on religious and spiritual matters, was first published in 1879. It is sent every month in 209 languages around the world and has a substantial monthly circulation of forty-five (45) million copies. The publisher of this American magazine is Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) via the Watch Tower Bible.  The Watchtower magazine is given to the public for promoting faith in Jesus Christ.


This monthly American religious-spiritual magazine was first published in 1919. Its publisher is JW via the Tract Society of Pennsylvania. The Awake magazine has an overall circulation of 43.5 million copies and comes in ninety-nine (99) languages around the globe.

Game Informer

In comparison to the magazines above, this video game magazine is relatively newer, with the first year of publication of 1991. Ever since it came on board, it has enjoyed rapidly growing popularity in the game industry. It is the most popular video game magazine in the US. Approximately seven (7) million copies were circulated in just 2015. The publication of Game Informer started as a flyer instead of a magazine. Then, its release and sales took place in GameStop — an American consumer electronics and video game company. The website of the magazine was reworked in 2009; this brought about a massive rise in traffic on the site.

Game Informer

Reader’s Digest

All the four magazines we examined above all target particular kinds of reader. But Reader’s Digest somehow stands out as it is sent to a broader audience in mind. Established in the US in the 1920s, this magazine deals with general life aspects and is read by a host of families all over the world. Reader’s Digest is notably more familiar with those families that are wealthy; it was stated in 2006 that a more significant number of wealthy people bought the magazine than other ones like Fortune.