Job Positions at Magazines

Magazines is one of the top influencers when it comes to fashion, politics and many more. They have been very popular in paper format ever since their conception, and now we see a very smooth transition to an online format. There are many magazines that started trends and managed to be one of the main voices in their field. We are fascinated by the diverse content and many of us would want to work for one of our favorite magazines. But few people know the job positions available in this field. We have listed some of the most common job positions at magazines in order to make you better understand this phenomenon or to guide you towards your future career.

The Director

This is the person that is in charge of a specific department. For example, women’s magazines have a fashion director, a beauty director and so on. This person supervises the work done by the people working in that department. You will see many directors searching for new, fresh ideas and trends in order to offer the employees a direction. There are many directors, especially in smaller magazines, that work on the content themselves.

A Writer

The writer is the person that creates content. They can be full-time writers or project writers. There are many people that strive to become full-time writers, but this can be quite difficult, especially in some fields. In journalism, writers are usually hired by a magazine and they produce content according to the theme of the magazine. There are others that like to take on only one article. This can be an excellent start for a beginner journalist. Having your name near a good article in a respected magazine is excellent for your career.


The publisher is the main supervisor of the magazine. This person is in charge of basically everything. He or she takes care of the image of the magazine and introduces new ideas and trends. This position also means that you will be discussing new partnerships and even finding new writers.


The editor is in charge with the quality of the content. After the content comes from the writer, it is the job of the editor to proof-read it and to correct any mistakes. Before any article goes to publishing, it has to go to the chief-editor of the magazine. This person can alter some of the sentences that sound odd and even introduce new ones. This can be done by asking the writer to modify it, but it varies from magazine to magazine.


The marketing staff takes care of all that mean publicity. They establish new contacts and negotiate commercials and so on. They are in charge of making the magazine popular. Many marketing directors like to have bloggers involved in this process in order to make it more efficient.

Graphics designer

The graphics department is in charge with all forms of images. They alter them and create new content to make the magazine interesting and good looking.