Magazines are a wonderful and creative way used by design organizations and companies to manufacture and promote a product. These small booklets are a prevalent part of our everyday life. Magazines are the main source of interest to those who wish to absorb the information that is featured within its pages. There are two types of magazines. The two formats of magazines are paper and digital. However, there has been an age long debate on the efficiency and usefulness of paper magazines. Both paper and digital copies of magazines have their qualities, but many still discuss and debate between the options. Many individuals believe that printed copies of magazines are getting old and out of date. However, others feel that the digital and paper copies of magazines compliment each other.

How it All Began

This debate about, the popularity of paper magazines and digital ones, began because print copies of magazines being bought and read every month were higher than digital copies read. The gap was extreme, with print copies scoring 44% and digital copies earning 27%. This caused plans to begin improvements to the magazine industry.  Over time the tables turned, and the debate continues. The main reason why digital magazines have become the real deal in a short span of years is because of the benefits it can bring the company financially. Cutting back on print costs and publishing most of the articles and magazines online have many advantages. It costs less to publish online, so most of the money made instantly becomes a profit for the company.

Perks of Paper Magazines

Many people in today’s society still read and utilize the information that is featured in a paper magazine. Many love the things that paper has to offer to readers, including the stack of papers and the subtle smell of ink on your fingers. Others believe that the information featured on paper are unique and not found anywhere else. While the internet may be a great resource, but it is not usually used to check up on offline articles and magazines. This is because reading magazines on the internet mean that they can be linked back to a dozen other resources to fact check and cross-promote. However wherever paper magazines lack digital magazines excel.

Perks of Digital Magazines

One of the primary advantages of digital copies of magazines is because of its ability to be extremely convenient. Publishing online is known to be less expensive and easily accessible. Not only is it convenient, but digital magazines also take a fraction of the amount of time usually taken for the publication. Digital magazines are also known to involve the reader, through links that the reader can visit and videos that they can play. Each magazine format and layout is different from the other and is extremely new.

Take Advantage

Instead of deciding between the two choices, take advantage of the functions of both formats of magazines. Paper and digital magazines have their own unique qualities and perks. Utilizing them in the correct way to fuel your organization is a skill that is perfect for advertising. Instead of going against one of the formats of magazines, readers find that taking advantage of their differences and expanding their reading capabilities and limits is a good way to ensure popularity and successfulness.